Notices to Mariners - Week 44


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1. Admiralty Charts to be published 18 November 2021 - ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts
SC5605 Edition 1 - Chichester to Ramsgate and Calais to Oostende. 15 charts
SC5607 Edition 1 - Thames Estuary, Essex and Suffolk Coast. 14 charts (see the thread by Imray last week's notices)
2. ENGLAND - East Coast - Depths. -
One reduction of depth to 7.2m in the ‘Maintained Depth 15m’ area at Thamesport, River Medway. Odd but not where we should be.
3. ENGLAND - East Coast - Buoy. - A bit of history here: On 6th September, Trinity House told us that the South Corton SCB had been moved north-west to 52° 33´·37N., 1° 48´·14E. By the end of September, the buoy went off station and on 8th October, it was found and repositioned by Trinity House at the same Latitude but moved the Longitude from 001°48’14E to 001°48’41E. On Week 41 (sic!), UKHO confirmed the original Trinity House notice from 52° 33´·32N., 1° 48´·41E. to: 52° 33´·37N., 1° 48´·14E, notifying the changes on their charts. Unfortunately the Trinity House Notice of the re-positioning (by on-line Notice) to Longitude at 001°48’41E. took place on the same week. All a little confusing. But now the UKHO are confirming the established location at 52° 33´·37N., 1° 48´·41E. Logistics not a typo! It is worth noting that the S. Corton SCB is now almost due North of the NE Holm PHB. :rolleyes:
Whoops, missed one out!
4. ENGLAND - East Coast - Obstruction. - In Week 38, Notice 3736 notified us of a rather nasty obstn of 0.7m just north of Sun Pier, Chatham. This notice now reports its deletion. Good news.

Sorry :eek:

Images as usual can be found at: Notices to Mariners



Notice is hereby given that contractors working on behalf of Harwich Harbour Authority with the Mersea Harbour Protection Trust and the Environment Agency will be operating in locations at Cobmarsh Island, Packing Marsh, Old Hall and Tollesbury Wick to distribute recharge material of a mix of sand and coarse gravel to rebuild and reinforce natural wavebreaks protecting Mersea Harbour and Tollesbury between approximately 51o45.20N 00o52.50E and 51o46.30N 00o54.30E
The contractors, Boskalis NV and Van Oord will be employing a specialist shallow draft dredger “Sospan Dau”(IMO 7711062) Gr Tonnage 1,546 LOA 72.80m Dft 2.80m. Delivery will be carried out on every high water (weather permitting), day and night, either by direct pumping of material over the bow of the dredger, or via a floating pipeline. Connection of the dredger to the pipeline and positioning the placement end will be carried out by a Multicat MCS Anekke (IMO 9570905) and a workboat.
This work is commensurate with the application made to the MMO in respect of the above licence under Part 4 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. Work is programmed to take place at every High Water, weather permitting, commencing 3rd November 2021 until 15th November recommencing early January 2022 for completion by April 2022. For further information regarding this Notice contact Mersea Harbour Protection Trust or email There is a chartlet on the Local List on the above quoted page.
on or about 1st Week November 2021, Port of London Authority will undertake the installation a new barge mooring in the vicinity of the former West Street Pier location.
Please see the chartlet in the Local list depicting the location of the resultant works. The works will involve installing the moorings and buoying off using the PLA vessel LONDON TITAN and will be laid as marked by yellow & black unlit admiralty class buoys at each end with a barge or barges moored between. All vessels involved in the works will maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF channel 68. Requirements to proceed with caution or at slow speed will be made in accordance with the procedure set out in the Port of London Authority’s Port Information Guide, under ‘London VTS’, ‘Section 4’. Further details will be broadcast by London VTS on VHF Channel 68.
3. Harwich Harbour & Approaches - Seasonal Recreational Marks - On or around the 18th of October 2021 the following seasonal recreational marks will be withdrawn:
Pennyhole Yellow Cone Buoy
Cork Ledge Racing Mark Yellow Can Buoy
Armada Racing Mark Yellow Can Buoy
Fox’s Yellow Conical Buoy
Cobbolds Point Buoy Green Conical Buoy
Dovercourt Bay Yellow Spherical Buoys - 5 of them.
Shotley Horse Yellow Pillar Buoy
Speed Limit Marker Buoy Yellow Spherical Buoy
Beacon Hill Yellow Can Buoy
Please note that Harwich Shelf East Cardinal Buoy remains in position. Harwich Shelf East Cardinal Buoy

Goto to the Local List for full lat and long.

That's it. Still no dredging at Wells! :unsure:
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