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North With Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames


6 Oct 2019
I read This book when it first came out - I was thinking about it recently, and thought it might be of interest to forum readers. Apologies if it is already discussed here - i didn't see it.

It's been a long time, but I recall liking it quite a bit. It is an imagined diary of Fitzjames.., and thus a work of fiction - historical fiction.., but fiction none the less.

from the amazon description:

"Based on a series of letters written by Franklin expedition officer James Fitzjames -- journals which were only recently discovered in a Scottish attic after lying unsuspected for nearly 150 years -- this unique work of fiction masterfully chronicles one of the most enduring mysteries of the grand era of Arctic exploration and sheds new light on the expedition and the fate of its crew. Set against a backdrop of hardy adventurers and high Arctic imagery, this work of fiction is both an engaging story of the triumphs and tragedy of the last Franklin expedition of 1845, and are interpretation of the men and events that comprised one of the great episodes in nineteenth century exploration. "

I am editing this because i forgot to include the author's name.

The book is "North With Franklin: The Lost Journals of James Fitzjames" by John Wilson.
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