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New water taps


Well-known member
13 Dec 2012
This is going to be a nightmare in summer! What a waste of water

Did you have any kind of fitting on the hose at the boat end?

I bought a new hozelock hose reel that was a smaller diameter and cut it down to 5m. Waste of money, wouldn't work.
Only a short length of garden hose with no fittings did the trick, connected to a wider diameter rubber hose that slid over the brass fitting. So slow I cooked dinner for 4, ate and washed up and it was still going.
Blocking those holes up made no difference


Well-known member
30 Apr 2004
I think the only practical solution is to buy a 3/4" hose tail (from Screwfix), a length of 3/4" hose and no fitting at the outpu end.
That might at least deliver the maximum that the system can deliver with no back pressure.
I don't see much changing, regulations are what it's all about nowadays, and not Customer Service (whatever that is)


Active member
18 May 2008
Limehouse hole
That was the conclusion I came to at Hurley bulk water point. There is a gate valve at ground level so the nuisance tap can be removed, hosetail screwed in and the output controlled with the gate valve as was the case before the new stuff was added.

I would not actually do this as it is probably some sort of vandalism.

River water filtration is my preferred solution to this problem. However this does mean multiple water tanks and separation of drinking/cooking and washing/flushing water.

Does seem to be worth doing though as these taps take too long to do anything.