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New member
18 Jul 2006
Not sure why you think the statistics are dodgy but my own experience is that drowning in a motor vehicle is more common than you would imagine and should give you some perspective of risks. As a police officer I dealt with two fatal road accidents where cause of death was drowning. Proximity of roads to bodies of water is an essential factor but the primary cause in one was a very unfortunate circumstance beyond any possible intervention. The other was a well established cause which results in accidents every day of the week. As for being objective and fair you must make it so by applying your own assessment. I think you are probably right in perceiving the dangers to be inverse to your current assessment.

As for the fear of not making the start why not invert that as well. I am currently assuming that I won't (for a variety of reasons) but preparing the boat and myself in case the opportunity arises. I have a project plan and timeline that allows at least three decision points to change my mind in favour of going.


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20 May 2007
Hi Seedog

The incidence of drowning by activity was compiled from research and represents a small number of total drownings, so it may or may not be representative. My first thought was that it was a misprint, but as you point out different experiences lead to different conclusions.

As to the non-starter worry, Eric made a point on another thread that you have to set a date and go, come what may. He's absolutely right, of course. Except not all of us have the same level of self assurance. The only way around it is iron determination. No mission creep, no slippage. Go for it, it's gonna be one fantastic achievement. /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif