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Medway up an running again.


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6 Nov 2001
RCC club members pretty active and making the most of this November weather.Several went to Conyer Marina and couple went off round to Ramsgate.
Three boats ventured up to Allington lock for night and fortunately were able to get a mooring with power £15.00 . The heater was going all night.
Maidstone town centre was very busy with non tidal boats.
We exited the lock with four other boats from lower Medway clubs.
EA Lock staff as usual, very helpful and welcoming,always pleased to give updates on future plans for the navigation and all express an interest in the needs of boaters.
The lock has its own secure car park which is very useful if you have family or friends visiting.
The car park at the MALTA is now really out of bounds and you must register or get a fine.
There is major maintanence planned for the lock during winter, nice to see that money is still being found to update and modernise the facilities on the River Medway.
Did not spot a single derelict or sunken boat on the bit we cruised apart from a scruffy Turbot 36 that kept following us about.