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Major works to improve infra structure on the non tidal Medway.............. Whoo Hoo.


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6 Nov 2001
Major Capitol work soon in progress on the Medway. 2.5Million Refurbishment on the locks.


A very comprehensive programme to improve just about all aspects of the river from a boaters point of view.
Main attraction for those of use who moor below the lock will be the additon of a 75 metre mooring pontoon , somewhere to moor in the salty bit while waiting to transit the lock and improvements to showers and bogs at Allington
For everyone else,the fact that the EA on the Medway are undertaking to anticipate future problems including dive inspections is to welcomed.
Also a survey to determine the actual depths of water in the and tree management in the winter to help reduce problems during the summer.

What can one say apart from...... Well done the EA. ( at least on the Medway) :)

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