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22 Sep 2018
Hi Thanks for the reply Stev yes we used to own an apt in Elveria so understand how wet cold and windy it can get ( bit like Aberdeen !) can anyone advise reasonably priced marina berths, I understand the new ones near Gibraltar are circa 2- 3k for a 10 metre motor cruiser ? That’s the price range I had in mind ? Any comments would be appreciated regards to all PJ

Faye Reynolds

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18 Feb 2018
Hi everyone,
We are Ryan, Faye and Poppy (the French Bulldog) and we have recently bought a Hanse 430E so that we could leave the UK to sail around the world for a year. We have so far cruised through the Channel Islands, France, across Biscay to Spain and are now in Portugal. We intend to head to the Canary Islands and then sail the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We were inspired by sailing videos we have watched on YouTube and wanted to document our trip too. If anyone would be interested in watching, we have a YouTube channel – Sailing Chelsea. We would love to hear any advice or comments relating to any part of sailing or our videos.
We also have a website, where we have started a forum focusing on marina reviews and places we’ve visited i.e. ease of access, expense, what the people are like. We welcome anyone else to add their experiences of places they have stayed too.
We are relatively new to all of this but are trying to build our following and would be so grateful for any feedback / support 😊
Fair winds,
Ryan, Faye and Poppy!


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12 Jun 2018
Hi there,
My name's Kath and my partner is called Tamara (T for short). We are new liveaboards, who launched our Victoria 34 in July from Preveza, Greece. We are currently wintering in Marina Di Ragusa, Sicily and starting to think about working through some boat jobs! Both of us still work remotely, so getting used to this too. We are doing the blog/vlog thing and really enjoying sharing with family and friends (shameless link below!) We are finding transitioning from the summer rhythm to the winter a bit of a shock, but getting there now I think! Welcome any advice on any of the above from everyone who knows more, but thought I'd formally say hi and look forward to chatting more on YBW and elsewhere.


Many thanks and fair winds,
Kath & T


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15 Mar 2007
Update... the forum’s changed since I’ve been away- I’m now Phanakapan2- have completed a world circumnavigation but now working in doubly landlocked Uzbekistan putting pennies back into the cruising kitty. Blog
I think the op has swallowed the anchor and stopped completely.

Thoroughly nice bloke, enjoyed a number of beers in his company. Good luck if you ever look back on this! 👍👍


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7 Nov 2021
Hi all,

Nice idea!

Would it be worth pinning a post at the top of this thread with a complete list of links in one post?