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Just checking in


Well-known member
26 Jan 2004
Hi All

After opening endless email over the last month asking if I was ok from people here
I just popped in to say , all is well.

I decided to stop posting for now,
I desperately need a break from all the depressing posting.
it seen YBW liveaboard has been taken over by a small group of people who are just bored and spend most of there life googling stuff up then spouting what they found or posting link, some of these link are unrelated or are mean less others don't have any relevant to people who are cruisers .
none of it is coming from experiences from people who are actually cruisers ,
far from it ,
Most it's just option from people who very rarely leave the marina.

combine with Covid and Brexit , some newcomers are taken in by these posting,
Some are thinking of postponed their long term plain.

What a sorry state of affair from people who should be help each other's.
Let hope we never need these people help in real life.

Just a quick run down on ourselves
we started in March with a two week cruise to other EU country and returned to Sicily while waiting on Covid Jab so our season didn't really get off till last week in April,

since we have visit 2 EU countries including many anchorage and harbour within them country's ,
We also cruised all 3 mid sea islands between Italy and North Africa, be it all three are Italian islands but all have different rules on boats arriving.

being in a sea area where there is a lot of refugees crossing from North Africa to Europe we had quite a lot of visits from CG , Police and MAF all friendly,
other then boat insurance, Reg Documents and skipper licence, add a few question where we been and where we was going , they have not asked for anything else.

Let's hope it continues.

In the mean time please all be safe enjoy what ever plains you have made for this season, I'm in no doubt we may all have to change our plains as time goes on.
But Hey that's cruising.

Once things calm down here ( in Liveaboard forum , if they ever does ) and I find that I can add anything useful to question that are ask.
I shall return.

Just one last thing , I now have a Covid certificate which should be recognise every where in the EU.
That's one barrier that's been over come .

Fair winds to all .


26 Apr 2017
Vietnam now, Med soon!
Vic it’s good to hear you’re well and enjoying some freedom at last, not surprised that you took some time away from here for a bit, the frustrations of Brexit and Covid lockdowns definitely seem to have made people more confrontational or at least that’s how it looks to me a relative newbie on here.
We have learned a lot from some of the experienced members on here and will always be grateful for the contributions from real cruisers such as yourself, especially as we finally move on board full time in a few days after the last 2 summers cruising.
The Brexit/Covid thing has been a complete pain in the ars# but encouraged us to look at different Cruising options and enforced early retirement might not be a bad thing either!!
Hopefully bump into you somewhere


Irish Rover

Well-known member
5 Feb 2017
Keep the faith, Vic. Your contributions are important to us liveathome fair weather sailors as well as the liveonboarders. I also enjoy when you administer an odd kick up the transom or two.