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Just an idea


16 May 2001
UK -Berks
I offer this for comment by Thames Users.
For about 30 years The Coastguard had a section called "Auxiliary Coastguards Afloat" . The purpose of this was to have experienced eyes & ears everywhere and even help with Search & Rescue.
This system worked fabulously instead of launching Choppers and Lifeboats every few minutes they could ask an Auxiliary in the area for an situation report. Often this led to a simple tow home by the Auxiliary rather than tieing up valuable professional resources. I myself was one for 29 years and 9 months and in one bumper year did over 60 assignments thus releasing the professionals for other incidents.

We all know that the EA lacks patrols. Diabolical liberties are taken after 1700 hours.

What about an Auxiliary Water Bailiff service. Rather like the new Community Support Officers. These would have no powers but could act as a support, especially out of hours. They could produce their EA I.D. card and advise people on everything from fishing out of season to speeding, water skiing to noting the names of craft seen dumping their rubbish and all the other incidents that take place.
11 Jun 2002
Tesla in Space
makes a lot of sense. Could get lots of lip along the lines of forum police or pm's accusing of being similar, even though you've been asked to do it.