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Inflate lifejacket before abandoning ship into the water?


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27 Apr 2005
Shoreham - up the river without a paddle.
I totally agree, question was assuming no choice but to jump for whatever reason.

These should be standard equipment but I've never seen one on any MAB i've been on Fire Port - Stainless Steel or White | Float Your Boat

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Seems a fire in a small space should always be able to be put out if an extinguisher can be used without having to open a hatch allowing flames out and air in. But having to hold open a hatch with one hand while having to operate a fire extinguisher with the other 2 hands doesn't add up.
My forty year old Beneteau has one, with a punch out bung IIRC, but you have to be in the 'hallway' forrard of the saloon to use it, then walk over the still smouldering saloon sole to get out... :oops:

I guess it does mean that someone in the forrard cabins could put it out if their exit was blocked.