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How to make an outboard rest for pushpit?


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3 Nov 2001
Me: Johannesburg South Africa Yacht: Richards Bay
You can buy a really nice solid teak one for less than £50 with all the fittings for 25mm tube that looks way better than most DIY jobs. These are typically 45mm thick so just you just need to fit a bit of 15mm hardwood or plastic to the inside of the transom along the lines suggested previously. Why you'd want to bolt a bit of manky plywood to an otherwise nice looking yacht I have no idea! :)
I have this one which is just over £50
Solid Teak Outboard Motor Bracket | Onward Marine Company
Alternatively make something like this youself if you have the time and tools
For 53 quid I would make you one from 316 stainless steel that would clamp onto 25 mm O/D guard rails in the same way or s mine are using 2 U bolts on a vertical or angled stanchion


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1 Oct 2002
Many thanks for all these ideas!

Here's another:


The black oblong thing was made with two bits of hardwood clamped together, a 20mm hole, drilled through the join with a flatbit and another coming up from underneath to meet it. It's held together with two nuts and bolts, in effect it's clamped over the pushpit and can't rotate or break.

I did it as a quick job, before a trip, about 15 years ago and there it still is. Drawback is you really need a bench drill to do it.