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Hand Warmers


Well-known member
27 Feb 2004
West London/Gosport
Did anyone spot the stand selling the hand warmers in the first hall? Chrissie and I bought a pair of the oil filled hand warmers but don't know what oil to use. The instructions just talk about filling them with oil. Anyone know what oil?

On another note: Transport to the show: A couple of years ago we used the FastCat from Gosport. However that seems to have died a death so this year we used the free coach from the second hand boat show at Moody's boat yard at Swanwick. Cartainly made life easy but we missed the last bus at 18:30.
Many thanks to YBW for the free can of drink. Really good and we forumites need to band together so we can twist their arms to do this at all boat shows ;-) Thank you.

On Saturday we didn't come across issues with queues etc. Not even at the usual bottle necks where the bridges are. This is good for the visitor but could be worrying for the exhibitors.

We noticed the trend for new boats to shift towards white leather effect interiors and I just wonder what that looks like after a year with grubby finger prints, red wine etc

Of the boats we visited I think Sweden Yachts wins the award for most visitor friendly whilst Mann engines gets the award for ignoring potential female customer. Those who have read previous posts from Chrissie may remember her engine is a bit unreliable and she was looking at replacement engines.
We didn't visit all engine manufacturers but those we did blanked her even if I left her alone on the stand.

On the food front the main food hall seemed ok with a reasonable choice but as always best to buy beforehand and bring it in. Certainly £4.50 for a hot dog is outrageous and I didn't see many people buying food from the junk outlets. One of the things I like about Excel is the better food/drinks (Pret A Manger & Starbucks I think). I suspect we will see less and less junk outlets at these shows as more and more people become 'health' aware.


New member
6 Jun 2006
B\'ham + Port Grimaud
See my post in 'Observations to the management' re the food /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

And I saw the hand warmer things (thought they were great but £20.00 a pop seemed quite pricey) but assumed they came with oil already in, sorry i cant help with that /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif


New member
25 Nov 2003
Emsworth, Chichester Hbr, UK
Yes, did notice the hand warmers, but didn't examine closely as they looked just like the one I bought 20 years ago in the US for hiking (it gets real cold in winter in upstate NY /forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif

Mine runs on old fashioned lighter fuel (used to be called 'petrol' but isn't)which is absorbed in a cotton-wool type stuff inside the heater. It has a catalytic gauze which creats the heat, and I think these wear out in time.

However, yours may be different!

Oh! travel: from the East, just park at Woolston (free) and walk! (30 mins).



New member
5 Jul 2005
I managed to get some lighter fluid and my handwarmer works just fine, taking my handwarmer to cherbourg at the weekend, if the chills of today are anything to go by,