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GGR 2018 latest


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12 Nov 2016
I understand the originators would far have preferred to use Plymouth - or Falmouth - but commercial sponsors couldn't be found to support a UK start. That's not the fault of the French....

I also 'hear it on the wind' that a certain West Country Yacht Club committee was a tad lukewarm in giving their full-on support, given that the economics of a modestly-funded event were less than compelling, when compared with what they'd grown used to. Fairy Nuff....

Compare and contrast that with the efforts of another West Country Sailing Club which is hosting the 2018 Jesters Plymouth to Newport Transatlantic 'non-race'. That's a community of 'can do' types, which fits well with the Jesters entrants' community ethos. The Tamar River SC hope to avoid making a loss on their hamburger-and-music evening before The Off and, of course, the bar and the Skippers Breakfast ( with Mini Margaret in charge ) should meet the need.