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GAFIRS 2006 Report


New member
20 Sep 2005
home. Rugby, mooring, Portland
The following has been extracted from the 2006 report of 126 incidents, as food for thought.


Incidents probably not relevant to Jester , e.g. submerged car, total 103, leaving:-

Dismasted 8
Injury 6
Taking on water 3
Steering/rudder 3
Capsized 2

Total 23

Of these during Cowes week

Dismasted 4
Injury 3
Taking on water 1
Steering/rudder 1
Capsized 0

Total 10

Note, the remaining three injuries were all on charter boats.

Possible conclusions????

MOB, especially given rigorous clipping on, not the problem that Jake worries about.

Dismasting/steering, require proper preparation, incuding backup steering, plus jury rig items??? .

Injuries, at least the severe head injuries, reduce risk by height/length of boom relative to cockpit. plus preventers??