Fouled Stern Gear Raz de Sein


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31 Jul 2008
Calm conditions, motoring 4-5 kts,Engine stopped with a bang-42 HP Mercedes. 1 1/4" prop shaft bent. We sailed/towed into Morgat where it was removed. The Ambassador rope cutter couldnt cope with the poly prop. The Sterngear was replaced in winter. The following season, engine stopped outside Cherbourg, timing gear train had slackened causing bent pushrods, Excellent and expensive repairs carried out by Cap Loisirs. Expert opinion advised the unit although it had only done 360 hrs since installation ,should not be trusted. Shock loading of stopping a 42 HP engine dead should not be under estimated. So another unit was installed and the gearbox stripped and repaired. 2 holidays ruined thanks to a French fisherman. I later learnt that it is common practice to cut off the worn out cods end which we picked up and throw it overboard. It did serve as a climbing frame for the grandchildren !