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first in last out


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28 Mar 2005
hampshire, uk
Felt envious of those leaving on Sunday but couldn't leave swmbo alias dabckick chubby's chick on the pontoon incase the normandie express wasn't running so left on Monday morning. Lady in red had already gone but had to get good value from my last free douche jeton so left Monday am at 0730 in perfect calm but the wind gradually increased during the day to 25 knots, on the beam for the needles, would have been more on the quarter for bembridge ledge, saw briefly 10 knots surfing, not bad for a motorsailor! Needles at 1630, yarmouth at 1730, fat Shaun's burger in the wheatsheaf with the bestival refugees by 1930, thanks Roger, Fergus and all others for a great weekend


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2 Sep 2001
Me - Zumerzet Boat - Wareham
Left at 06:00, Poole chain ferry 16:50.
The wind built during the crossing and I had my genoa poled out and the genica on the mizzen till the wind backed too much for it.
Unloaded boat at Ridge Wharf at 18:45 then down onto mooring at 20:00
A great dinner - thanks all, and a great trip back.