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Final days of consultation about ending Red Diesel use for pleasure boats


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30 Apr 2004
n July HMRC issued a consultation document on the virtual extinction of uses for MGO - Red diesel fuel.

Comments / sugestions / why were invited

The consultation closes at the end of October.

Even if you are happy to pay the full rate of Road Fuel Duty on your boating needs. I am seriously concerned that many current suppliers will stop selling fuel because of the risk of theft of 'white diesel' from their tanks as most are insecure. Even if they are content with the risk, I suggest that in order to remain viable the price of fuel for boaters will rise well beyond roadside / supermarket prices because supplying fuel to them in small quantities will be a lot more expensive.

A solution might be to continue selling MGO to boaters - but charging the full road fuel duty as a base less the 60/40 allowance that HMRC seem to be happy with in their consultation document

If you agree with the above - or have alternatives please, please respond to the consultation (as people say) NOW

The link is:-

Consultation on reforms to the tax treatment of red diesel and other rebated fuels