East coast Bawley replica?


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6 Aug 2020
Bawley Replicas were built by two companies in the lat 70's / early 80's. The Kent company built Fly of Halstow (the green one that was near harwich). Several hulls of this design were made. I believe more are still based in Kent.

The Essex company built the Alan Hill designed ones, No1 - Anna Crane (my boat), No2 - Blackbird (in Brightlingsea), and about 5 others. I see that two of the series are currently up for sale - one in Maldon, and one in Gibralter. You can primarily tell the Alan Hill designs by the coachroof and tabernacle design. They have quite low freeboard. Initially they were Bawley-rigged, but several owners have Smack-rigged them.

The guy 'Mick' who you refer to is I believe Mick Wilkins, also known as 'Mick the Brick'. He currently is based in Tollesbury, living aboard his Ferro boat. He is a living guru on Ferro.

Incidently, my website http://members.aol.com/andychallis has lots of pictures of Anna Crane.
Hi Fluff,

Good chance you aren't on here any more, but I now own Anna Crane and would love to get in contact if you read this