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Dutchy on board (as in from the Netherlands)


New member
1 Jul 2020
What is the maximum draft you are looking for? We used to own an 'Offshore 8m' which was built in the UK (moulded by Tylers), but was actually a Van de Stadt design, so I would expect there to be plenty of models in the Netherlands. It had a 1.4m draft - long fin keel - and I would think ideal for what you wanted: Offshore Yachts Offshore 8 metre Information

We lived in the Netherlands (well Limburg!) for 4 years and apart from the 2 hour drive to get to the sea, thought it was a wonderful country.

Limburg is indeed a nice province,
but a long drive from the sea,
Id like to go to the northern estuary the wadden islands, and the german islands.. maybe even venture out to the uk's east coast.

but for the Dutch islands a very shallow draft in mandatory..