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Dragonfly - Firefly Trimaran owners,

Brian James Vayro

New member
16 Sep 2020
Does anyone have an owners manual which describes how to run the folding ropes on a Dragonfly 8m. Also does anyone have or know of, a 'MODEL' of same or a 9.2m MODEL that I could beg, borrow, (with deposit for return) or buy? Is anyone interested in a fore hatch, which opens around the forestay to stow the anchor rode, in the self draining locker, which is other wise wasted space. It gives more ventilation. I stow my anchor and chain off the bow, behind the main beams in boxes. I love talking trimarans, as it keeps me motivated. I recently bought a damaged Dragonfly (Canadian), and am repairing same, plus other non powered watercraft distractions. Thanks for reading, (and answering?) kind regards 'B J'.