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Dolphins in Medway


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6 Nov 2001

Reports of the odd Dolphin sighting over the years but can remember frequently seeing one or two in the river in the 1960s.
Appear to be plenty of fish appearing everywhere on the fishfinder. Loads of seals.
During a trip to Stangate Creek yesterday, on a mates newly aquired P 388, the anchor came up covered in starfish.
A much cleaner river ?

For those interested, not my boat nor my fuel. 23 knots flat out. suspect weedy bottom.
Spectacular thunderstorm following us back upriver,the skies opened just as we entered MDL lock, regretably I had to remain inside to berth the boat while the owner was outside doing the ropes.
Suspect he will be buying some wet weather gear in the very near future.
A soaking wet "T" shirt might look good on girls but not on blokes, more drowned rat :)
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14 Nov 2012
Definitely not harbour porpoises - had the pleasure of them frolicking around the work boat yesterday, quite spectacular!