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Deck Cushion found in central Solent.


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24 Apr 2012
Aldeburgh, Suffolk. River Alde
Someone has, this morning, posted a picture of a grey deck cushion 4'6" x 18" on a Facebook site called Yachts & Yachty bits for sale (Europe).
It appears to have press studs along both long edges.
I have no idea how to 'share' to this forum as it is a 'private' group.
It looks fairly special and someone called Sandra Saunders has taken the trouble to retrieve and offer it to owner.
Contact me and I will pass info on to her.

Edit: Identified as a Lagoon 39/400 (450) cushion. Bit of a long shot, but hey maybe someone will see this?
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18 Jul 2009
There was a post on FB (Solent Boating) from a week ago asking people to keep an eye out for a grey insert cushion lost in the Solent. I’ve posted the link to this on there.