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Crossing Dunkerque to Ramsgate.


19 Oct 2004
I will fly out to the Netherlands next week in order to recommission my boat with the intention of
returning it to the UK.
I sail alone so the intention is to port hop down to Dunkerque East, and from there cross to Ramsgate.
I am assuming that by the time I set sail the 14 day quarantine will not apply to travellers coming
from the EU. ( to avoid confusion I am a UK citizen )
The general passage plan is to depart from Dunkerque East to north of Dunkerque West at which point
shape a course north west towards the TSS passing about one mile east of Dyck-Est ECB.
After crossing the NE bound lane and entering the Sandettie separation zone, I can make corrections
for tidal effects before crossing the SW bound lane.
On exiting the SW lane I can head towards Goodwin NE ECB and thence towards Ramsgate.
As a stranger to these waters, on paper it all looks very straightforward but does anyone
have any different views?

As ever, any contributions gratefully accepted.