Cornwall (Falmouth) proposed YachtShare


New member
22 Oct 2017
Having sold our Contest 31 yacht last year, with the intention of hanging up the sea boots, we've come to the realisation that we must get back on the water one way or another. I've been into yachts and boat ownership, renovation, fitting out and maintenance for over 65 years. This is a link to our cherished Contest, Tulip.
As we're no 'spring chickens', we've decided that a yacht share would now be the preferred option, sharing costs and responsibility with a co-owner. We're no longer into racing or crossing oceans, so something like a really shipshape, rugged older GRP yacht around 30 feet with bilge keels might be ideal. We've owned a Westerly Berwick previously which is a great all rounder. Our preferred cruising area is the south coast of Cornwall and Devon and exploring it's many rivers. To further ease the effort of usage and ownership, we think that a marina berth should be considered. Ideally, our co-partner will live local to Falmouth, or within a reasonable driving distance of there, with some experience of sailing and yacht maintenance. If you have an interest in our proposal, please text me on 07469257016.

Mike (North Devon)