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Companies that sell Ship Propellers?


New member
1 Dec 2020
Hi all,

Does anyone know of any companies that sell good quality ship propellers? If yes please can you list them in this thread.


Well-known member
1 Jul 2010
Was trying to flog a couple off a cruise ship a few months ago and nobody in the UK showed any interest. They were nickel aluminium bronze, too - would have made an awful lot of yacht rigging screws...
Where would you try and sell something like that and what would they realistically sell for? I’m interested as a way of decorating a ma cave/shed. Even if they had to be cut in half/quarters.


Well-known member
23 Jul 2008
East coast UK. Mostly. Sometimes the Philippines
In that case, they were in Southampton, tried every large scrap dealer in the UK, and about £120,000 each. Finding no buyers, we shipped them to China.

The ship had been built with props that were not right for her, owing to a miscalculation, and they were replaced during a refit.