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Commodores Sail Past

Old Crusty

Active member
28 Aug 2017
Blazers and Whites and a blimming tie :(
Stand to attention, salute, try not to fall over, 3/4 length white pleated skirts for the ladies. Gimlets all round. How I miss days of empire!


Well-known member
6 Nov 2001
Straight back to a scruffy pair of jeans and the most disgusting pair of boat shoes you have ever seen and up to the clubhouse.
By the way, it turns out that "inshore" has an entertainment allowence of £200 PA.

This was put. To good use.It was a hot day.
Rest of day was spent crab fishing with sorted grandkids followed by BBQ.
Weather looking good, off later with few other boats to some muddy creek for the day.