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Classic Boat forum update

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Natalie Davies

From YBW Publisher, Steve Kendall:

Following the recent posts on the Classic Boat forum, we would like to clarify for users what is happening with the transfer of the Classic Boat forum from the YBW.com site to Chelsea Publishing.

The Classic Boat forum will be moving to ClassicBoat.co.uk where it will use the same VBulletin forum software that the forum currently runs on. We hope there will be minimal disruption.

IPC Media sold the magazine Classic Boat and the associated Classic Boat website and forum as a going concern to Chelsea Publishing late 2010. Chelsea Publishing now own all Classic Boat trademarks, content and associated data including forum names and email addresses of people who have posted to the Classic Boat forum. As a condition of the sale, Chelsea warranted that they would adhere to the Data Protection Act and can only use the personal information passed to them in accordance with the terms under which it was originally collected from members - these can be viewed under the privacy statements at the foot of the forum homepage.

Following the transfer to Chelsea, if you no longer wish to be a member of the Classic Boat Forum you can opt out by emailing oliver@chelseamagazines.com with “Opt Out” in the subject line.

If you choose to stay with the Classic Boat Forum it is expected that your passwords and log in details will be unchanged. Furthermore, if you choose to stay a member of the YBW forums your log-in details, password etc will remain unchanged although we will no longer be hosting a specific classic boat/craft forum area.

We expect the transfer to take place in the coming days.
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