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Cheap Centaur


Active member
20 Jul 2009
North Bucks
Hi all.
looking for what everyone thinks. I went to look at a centaur yesterday which is on offer local to my cruising ground and in a yard where it can stay for a while to complete works. Problem is I don’t know if it’s too much work. The exterior is in good condition apart from cleanliness as you can see in the photos, problem is inside. There is water in the bilges up to the bottom of the engine and thus is coming above the cabin sole at the bottom of the cabin steps. The interior mainly needs tlc apart from that. The headlining In the forward cabin needs doing but the main cabin has been replaced with wooden panels which are rotten. I didn’t manage to get a good look at the keel stubs. I believe it is a later one with square forward portholes and shrouds in front of the windows, but with skegless rudder.
I’ll try to upload a video of the interior soon. View attachment 100532View attachment 100533View attachment 100534View attachment 100536View attachment 100537
How much are they paying you to take it away? I would have thought at least £2,000