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Changing tack. Liveaboard Link to Scuttlebutt.


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15 Mar 2007
After just over 21 years of our yacht being our home, office, lay apart store, workshop and taking us on exciting adventures across the Atlantic a few times, she is now...... a yacht!

Having 'swallowed the anchor' and moved ashore over the past week or so, one era of our life with the boat ends and a new one begins. Old cliches are the best. :)

I've always kept the boat ready to go, call it '2 hours notice for sea' apart from a few months a while ago when we re engined. And often, when slipping the lines, the journey ahead was many hundreds of miles.

So now we have a yacht in the marina and we have become 'normal' sailors. Pop down when time and weather permits. Easy lines on the dock. Drop and go. A few hours or a day or two. Plus after a couple of decades commercial sailing, no deadlines, courses to complete, people to 'fashion'.

Yesterday, with restrictions here slowly easing, we took full advantage. Lovely sail in the sunshine. Anchored off a deserted beach....well have done that in proper deserted, its just that here, they are shut! First time swimming in the sea for an age too.

Im fairly certain Im going to be able to cope with the new regime. :cool: But as always, there are a few sailing projects simmering away.

Oh. This morning, I did 'IKEA building'. Now theres a contrast.........


New member
17 Jun 2012
Congratulations, I think! And welcome to “normal life”! Always enjoyed your stories and insights and they are often helpful too. May they long continue in your new circumstances.


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7 Jun 2010
On our way
Congratulations. I suppose that now you‘ll just have to wait for M to ‘finish’ in the bathroom with all that space... Enjoy ‘normal’ life.