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Carrefour: bier "sans alcohol"


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6 Apr 2011
In case anyone is interested...I find that the 0% alcohol "beers" readily available in uk supermarkets (bavaria, kalibur, becks blue etc.) are undrinkable. The continentals seem to define "sans alcohol" as "<1%" and suddenly "alcohol free" beers become perfectly drinkable when appropriately chilled.

Carrefour in cherbourg has at least 3 options which fall into this category (ie excluding the 0.0% ones). I bought some of each to compare. My conculsions:
* Carrefour own brand: avoid. Not good
* Buckler: drinkable. ok. Nothing to get excited about
* Kronenbourg: Best of the 3 IMHO and not at all bad.

I still prefer Clausthaler which you used to be able to get in Waitrose and occasionaly in Aldi, but it's getting harder to find. Certainly next time I'm in Cherbourg I'll be stocking up on the Krononbourg "sans alcohol".