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Books Galore!


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12 Nov 2007
Me Norwich - Boat Orwell & Southwold
All pretty good condition, except where noted. Any queries, do ask.

Traditional & Older Craft

Working Sail: A Life in Wooden Boats, Luke Powell, h/b w dust cover (large format, many photos, coffee-table worthy), vgc, £15 + postage.

Classic Boats of the West Country: Drawing on our Maritime Tradition (lovely drawings, paintings & notes by a very knowledgeable artist - son of the famous Falmouth boat-builder), Ian Heard, h/b, vgc, £12 + postage.

Little Ships & Shoal Waters, Maurice Griffiths, h/b w dust cover, vgc, £10 + postage.

Sixty Years a Yacht Designer, Maurice Griffiths, h/b w dust cover, vgc, £10 + postage.

Boatbuilding & Maintenance

Small Boat Boatbuilding, Dave Greenwell, h/b, £5 + postage.

Boat Building (includes complete instructions for a variety of small boats and canoes), Percy Blandford, 1950s small semi-h/b, fair condition, £5 + postage.

The Complete Book of Yacht Care, Michael Verney, h/b, £4 + postage. SOLD

The Boat Owner’s Maintenance Book, Geoffrey O’Connell, h/b, £4 + postage. SOLD

Canoes & Kayaks for the Backyard Builder, Skip Snaith, p/b, £5 + postage.

Laying Up Your Boat, H. Janssen, p/b, £3 + postage. SOLD

Fitting Out, J.D. Sleightholme, p/b, £3 + postage. SOLD


Heavy Weather Sailing, Adlard Coles, First Edition (1967) Second Impression (1970), h/b, poor condition (musty, yellowed pages, small section of pages loose from binding), £3 + postage. SOLD

Buying or Selling a Boat, Colin Jarman, p/b, £3 + postage. SOLD

Voyaging on Small Income, Annie Hill, p/b £4 + postage. SOLD

This is Sailboat Cruising, J.D. Sleightholme, h/b, fair cond. (slightly musty, dust cover slightly damaged at edge), £3 + postage. SOLD

This is Rough Weather Cruising, Erroll Bruce, h/b, £5 + postage. SOLD

Sailing, Peter Heaton, p/b, fair cond. (pages suitably yellowed!), £3 + postage. SOLD

Instant Wind Forecasting, Alan Watts, p/b, fair cond. (minor part of cover sun-faded), £4 + postage. SOLD

Spinnaker Handling, Bent Aarre, p/b 2nd ed., £3 + postage. SOLD

Pocket Cruisers, J.D. Sleightholme, h/b, fair cond. (musty, yellowed pages), £3 + postage. SOLD

Cunliffe on Cruising, Tom Cunliffe, p/b, £3 + postage. SOLD

Single-Handed Sailing, Frank Mulville, p/b, £4 + postage. SOLD

Race Winner: A Pocket Guide to Faster Sailing, Ian & Richard Nicolson, wire-bound (waterproof?) p/b, £3 + postage. SOLD

Local Pilotage & Information

Inshore Along the Dorset Coast, Peter Bruce, 3rd edition, p/b, £3 + postage. SOLD

The Solent Cruising Companion, Derek Aslett, h/b 1st ed., £5 + postage. SOLD

Trailing Down Channel (French Trailer Sailer Launching Sites in France Belgian border to S. Brittany & the Western Rivers), Bill McDonald, 1st ed. 1998, £2 + postage. SOLD

Tales of Adventure & Sea Related Books

The Water in Between: A Journey at Sea
, Kevin Patterson, h/b, £5 + postage.

Seven-Tenths: The Sea and its Thresholds, James Hamilton Patterson, p/b, £5 + postage.

One Summer’s Grace, Libby Purves, p/b, fair condition (pages yellowed, cover slightly dog-eared), £5 + postage.

The Canoe Boys, Sir Alistair Dunnett, p/b, £4 + postage.

Sailing Just for Fun, Charlie Stock, p/b, £4 + postage.

The First of the Tide, Maurice Griffiths, p/b, fair condition (suitably musty, yellowed & mottled page edges - provide your own paraffin and pipe tobacco!), £4 + postage.
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