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Boats not allowed under hammersmith bridge


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6 Nov 2001
The museum is actually located in the Ragstone building next to The Bridge Club.(The White Georgian building) on the Esplanade .
It is only open on specific days. Pre covid.
Recently there was a display of artifacts from the museum in the crypt of Rochester Cathedral.

The Bridge Club itself is a private club .
It is gentlemen only club. No ladies are permitted on the premises for social events unless either the "Entertainment" or serving at table.
Assume ladies are allowed in to clean the place.
Was invited along for a gents only "do" a few years ago.
Told them to go and ....................? :)


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9 Jan 2006
The mayor of LBH&F has posted a long letter on twitter.

Apparently the cost he's being asked to pay would require an £800 council tax rise, for a bridge that isn't used much by LBH&F residents.