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Belfast to Lerwick in Feburary- Best place to fill up with Red Diesel in W. Scotland / Isles?


11 Nov 2020
We are finally getting ready to leave, hopefully as the lockdown begins to lift in Feburary.
Any recommendations on where to pick up approx 400l of red diesel on the way between Belfast and Shetlands?

We use it primarily for the Refleks stove this time of year and I want to fill up before winter in Norway...


Well-known member
20 Mar 2008
Cheapest I know of is Flowerdale pier in Gairloch, good turnover to fishing boats, sold by Highland Council, harbourmaster (Len) on quay. Payment by card can be slow as he has to do it through Lochinver. Working hours (check re Covid ) and you need a fender board for the pier.
In theory Lochinver should be the same price, Highland Councils head office is just above the pump and they are helpful and friendly too, normally massive turnover servicing French and Spanish trawlers but brexit has probably put a stop to that?
The other Highland Council pumps are at Kyle of Loch Alsh (bit awkward) and Kinlochbervie.
Higher prices but perhaps easier access at Tobermory, Craobh Haven etc. Mallaig (Johnstons) and Ullapool I have only ever been able to buy in cans.