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Barquentine "Kotahitanga"

Isla Bonita

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7 Jan 2011
Re: Barquentine "Kotahitanga"

Hi John, good to hear from you too! I sailed with you and Norman when we took the divers on the trip north and back to Durban, 3 weeks it took I think. We also took Cheryl's van to Transkei one weekend?. If you pm me your email I am sure I can dig out some photos to scan.
Cheers, Keith
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21 May 2020
Hi Keith, I'm the mother of one of Norm's grandchildren from another of John's brothers, Ron Kearns (sadly, also passed)... Ron sailed with Norm too and also took my son aboard, sailing from London I think, for around a year when he was about 7 in the late '80's... Timoti (my son - now 36), has recently acquired a 41' sloop which is moored here in sydney au... It's a bit of a 'fixer-upper' so I would love to have some photos of the Kotahitanga to inspire and motivate him... Did you ever manage to find some for John? I'd be very grateful if you could also email them to me...


30 Dec 2008
This must be one of the most heartwarming yet odd threads ever. 15 years old yet still bringing people together. This forum can be wonderful at times.