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Ancasta - 18 months in to ownership and still providing amazing service


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12 Apr 2011
A massive thanks is due to Ancasta and in particular Fred and James who continue to provide aftercare and support for our now, 18 month old Prestige 500s.

We have not experienced any unusual issues with the boat but of course there have been snags that have required attention.

In particular:
Faulty electric blind
Faulty Candy washer dryer, (surprise surprise)
Spidering on tender garage
Blown control unit on black waste macerator
Split teak on swim deck
Plenty of operator generated problems that can be attributed to stupidity :)

Everything has been replaced, not fixed and each aspect was managed to my schedule and requirement. The washing machine and macerator for example were dealt with within 24 hours while we were in France with the boat. Prestige have never quibbled about direct replacement, even when the element in our 15 month old water heater blew.

When we moved back onto Breaking Bad a couple of weeks ago we noticed that the bilge was a little wet, fresh water, and that we were losing around 1 litre per hour. The leak proved more difficult to find than my ex wifes erogenous zones but James came straight down from Hamble, found the leak and arranged for new pipe and fixings to be sent from France.

Second visit today and the problem is solved, along with a complete check through the boat tightening all clips. He vacuumed the bilge and re set out starboard straking runner which had given a little. Job done.

I know it sounds like an advertorial but Ancasta really need to be highlighted for the way they have managed our expectations. We have a great Ancasta franchise in Falmouth and Tara is always liaising with Hamble to ensure that we are not forgotten about, the whole business seems really joined up, as it were.

I have bought 4 boats from new and this is the first time that I have felt that the dealer is focussed on the second sale.

So thanks to Ancasta and please make sure that you keep the Lagoon listings as we would be loathed to buy a boat from anyone else.

End of love in. :)
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12 Jun 2009
I have to say that we've been very impressed with them too! Just entering the third year with our new Beneteau and the standard of service remains excellent. Our annual warranty checkup was due a couple of weeks ago and was delayed a few days because they didn't have the replacement exhaust in stock. I expressed surprise because I had not reported any issues with the exhaust and they explained that the engineer doing the previous inspection had noted that it had been rubbing. He had repositioned it but left a note to replace it completely on the next visit!