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2010 Challenge


New member
4 Aug 2004
I have, for many years liked the idea of doing a Trans trip in the "jester" class now this has come along. The time looks good (mortgage finished etc), I have no problems with the idea of using my current boat etc but how do I raise the subject with SWMBO? More challenging than an Atlantic Storm. /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
20 Jul 2001
Southampton, UK
Copterdoctor, you are not alone! My other half has threatened to drill holes in the bottom of the boat, or have it blown up - whichever is easier. She doesn't want to spend several weeks of sleepless nights worrying about me as I cross Biscay to the Azores next year.

Nice to be loved, and I'm sure I'd be more worried if she was encouraging me to take out massive life insurance and not bother too much with any safety gear!

My Ed seems to think I'm having a midlife crisis for wanting to take part ( I think she was joking) and I have to say I'm meeting more opposition than assistance, and from some surprising quarters.

Gentle persuasion that this is something you need to do, if only to find your own limitations, and the tremendous experience it will give, seem to be the best lines of attack.

I still say you're far safer 'out there' than living in the UK at the moment. I think I will tell SWMBO that I'll be worrying far more about her - from unliscenced drivers, maniacs with knifes, deranged teenage gangs, foot and mouth, and people generally trying to take us out in the name of the Prophet.

Do it. You're only here once, and it's a hell of an adventure. She'll understand. Hey, maybe she'll want to come along!


22 Jun 2005
Thames Estuary
You need to be a determined type to do this sort of thing.

Try putting a steely look in your eye and just levelling a cool steady gaze at her.

You never know, she might even go all weak at the knees.

PS: she can't come along its a solo challenge.

Yours assertively
Macho Man
(aka deluded dreamer)


New member
15 Mar 2007
Paris France
Communication means (Email on Satphone) may be provided as compromising. Personnaly I fill a dayly blog for the familly and relatives + carry a sattelite beacon (no constrain but a little power).


New member
20 May 2007
The suspense is killing me, copterdoctor. It's nearly three weeks now. Have you asked her? Is the boat in ashes? Are you still alive? Do tell.
I was in much the same position late last year and met incredulity, anger, threats (I'm going to set fire to the ***!!! thing), but ultimately acceptance. My partner still worries that it's some sort of elaborate suicide ritual, but she accepts my decision. What more could we want? It's a big ask.


Well-known member
16 Dec 2003
Medway, Gillingham Reach
You've got to learn to speak your wife's language.
My wife is always talking about once in a lifetime experiences. When we first visited Europe I remember I had to pay a fortune for theatre tickets in Paris as it was a 'once in a lifetime expereince'.Yesterday we were in the Austrian town of Melk and she had to visit the Abby as it was 'a once in a lifetime experience'. She likes to have a 'once in a lifetime expereince' every week or so, I've found that whenever I want to do something whether it is watching the South End Air Show from my boat when she has something else planned or crossing the Atlantic I only have to trot out the phrase 'once in a lifetime experience' and my desire is instantly accepted. Having attempted the JC06 a friend asked me how I convinced my wife to let me try again in 07 as a second attempt would not have been a 'once in a lifetime experience', I replied that I had told her I was going to try the intermediate route this time rather than the northern route so that also was a 'once in a lifetime experience.'
Now your partner's language may not include 'once in a lifetime experience', but whatever it is try and use her reasoning, not yours to convince her.