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  1. S

    Leaky bolts…

    Hi, It’s a dockrell 37 which is basically a Sparkman and Stephens Debenaur with an extended stern. It was made in 1986 and it’s laminate build with some form of metal backing pad that has been glued into the underside of the deck above the jib track. Interesting point re windows, I see the water...
  2. Black Diamond

    Literary Merit.

    ...Charles Stock at the first of the legendary Classic Boat Festivals at Shotley, in 1989. We were there in Natterjack, our little gaff rigged Dockrell 17, so were wild camping on the seawall. Shoal Waters was brought up on the shore, and Charles Stock walked by and noticed we were struggling to...
  3. D

    Backing plate for outboard bracket

    Hi, On my Dockrell 22 yacht the outboard bracket has a thickwooden backing piece of ply on the inside of the transom to add some extra rigidity to the GRP. However, as it is in a damp airless locker, it has rotted out. I was thinking of replacing it with a stainless steel place on the inside...
  4. D

    Back up engine

    Just thinking about a back up outboard to keep in a locker on my 22ft Dockrell. Would a 3.5hp two stroke (Tohatsu) be ok as emregency use? I am as long as long shaft, and not battling a big tide/wind would be ok?
  5. S

    Forestay help

    Hi fellow boaters.... After all of your help and advice on work I needed to do on my Dockrell 17, I was hoping that I could pick your brains again now its on the water. It has been noted by people who have sailed in her that the mast might be raked to far back and that the shrouds are too...
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    Dockrell 17 help needed!

    ...and Im now on the brink of upgrading my wayfarer for something bigger to put on the dinghy trot outside my new club. I have been offered a Dockrell 17, sat on a trailer, and with some nice bits and bobs included...and I am definately going to take it. However there are issues that need...
  7. P

    Dockrell 17

    I remember several pictures from Lakesailor showing details of his Dockrell 17. I am currently working on one of these and the pictures would be very useful to me. Are they available in archive or would he or anyone else either asend or publish them please?
  8. Lakesailor

    Extension Drawbar For My Trailer

    We had to use a strop to launch my boat the other week. This has the disadvatage that you can't push the trailer, or steer it when going into the water and that it doesn't stop the trailer and boat tilting up as the slope and extra weight of outboard and rudder unbalance the trailer. Without the...
  9. Lakesailor

    I Have Shaved Her Flange (Pictures)

    In response to the encouragement to de-nude my casing I have ground off the flange. I must say it looks neater. I will leave it at that for the moment. I did have thoughts of cladding the lower part in some hardwood trim pieces. But maybe that's for another day. Before After
  10. Lakesailor

    So. What I Did With My Mainsheet

    Following my proposal for the mainsheet on my dayboat, and Bilbo's alternative, I went with his idea of fitting it to the floor-bearer. A bit of angle iron was drilled and painted in galvanising primer. I've used it before on my trials car and it works well without a top coat. I loosely...
  11. Lakesailor

    Mainsheet Location Advice

    OK. This morning I stepped the mast. I was going to video the procedure but it seemed to gather speed and suddenly it was too late to get the camera set-up. I put the boom on and can now see where the mainsheet needs to be mounted in the boat. It falls about 9" behind the centerboard case...
  12. Lakesailor

    Progress On My Dayboat

    I collected the Dockrell last month It had the interior completely stripped out including the bonded-in floor which created the self-draining cockpit and which gives problems on these boats. Since then I have glassed in some new floor bearers at the "normal" level and some side bench...
  13. Lakesailor

    New Floor Bearers In Day Boat

    After my last enquiry about thoughts on fitting some floor bearers in my Dockrell 17 day boat I have decided to go traditional with ply beams glassed in place. I cut some 18mm hardwood ply to shape. (the extra price for marine ply isn't justified as the boat will be dry sailed and covered when...
  14. Lakesailor

    Small Day Boat Refurb Discussion Topic - Buoyancy

    I've been rained off from grinding out the superfluous grp edges from the old floor beams. (not an enjoyable task at the best of times). Old mouldings in hull. (They don't look too bad in this shot, but are about 1/4" proud of the hull and some of the mat is not very well bonded. Once I have...
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    Camping Dinghies

    ...not camping ashore. I have never been too keen on the Drascombe range so for me the two prime candidates seem to be the Crabber 17 or the Dockrell 17. The reports I have read seem to focus on their appearance and how beautifully they are made rather than on practicalities such as how they...
  16. Relax

    Running backstays - required or not?

    I have a cutter rigged Dockrell 37 - which has no running backstays. The rig is masthead with in-line spreaders and fore and aft lowers. The cutter stay comes in to the mast between the spreaders and the masthead. The question is - do I need running backstays? On the one hand you could say...
  17. T

    Dockrell 22

    ...Also a set of old sails that I can use as a pattern for making a new set? I am in the process of restoring an old fixed keel boat so any other Dockrell parts may be of interest. Why am I bothering with such a boat - well I enjoy the restoration part as much as the actual sailing!! Thanks Richard
  18. T

    Dockrell 22 Rudder

    Does anyone have or know of the existence of a rudder for a Dockrell 22? If not does anyone have the dimensions of said rudder so I can make one? I shall also be looking for a suit of sails or again dimensions so I can get some made. Thanks
  19. B

    Fuel in the old tank

    I appear to have fuel in the old tank of the dockrell, its about two inches deep. How do i get that out ? and i wonder what its worth ?:) The tank and cap have no point of leakage so id say theres nothing wrong with it.
  20. B

    Interior cushion seats feerrr small boats ?

    Goodafternoon :) Can anyone help me to find out where i can lay my hands on cushions suitable for a small boat ? The ones that came with the dockrell are somewhat similar to what we see on buses though i note sadly you cant remove the bus ones! :D